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Sigma Phi Educational Foundation

In addition to the Viele Scholarship, the Sigma Phi Educational Foundation awards a $1,000 annual grant to the Sigma Phi chapter with the highest collective annual GPA and a $1,000 grant to the chapter with the most improved GPA. 

The Educational Foundation also reimburses members for the cost of their key when inducted into any of several nationally recognized honor societies.

Each year the Foundation invites undergraduate brothers to compete in the annual Hicks Oratorical Contest, a highlight of our national convention. Winners of the contest receive a cash prize of $400 as recognition of their public speaking prowess. Wisconsin Sigs are frequent winners of the Hicks contest.

Finally, to promote both effective writing skills and engagement with alumni, the Educational Foundation offers a $1,000 award to the chapter judged to have produced the best newsletter .

In the past, successful brothers have offset a significant portion of the cost of their annual dues and room rent through Sigma Phi’s various scholarships and awards.

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