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Sigma Phi Society
Alpha of Wisconsin

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Who we are

The Sigma Phi Society is hard to label.  It is a diverse, yet intimate, community where students enhance and enrich their undergraduate experience, build life-long friendships across generations and, upon graduation, launch uncommon lifelong journeys.

One of Sigma Phi’s most famous alumni, Secretary of State & War and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Elihu Root stated that, “No human institution lives long unless it fulfills a human need.”  Sigma Phi is the oldest national social fraternity in continuous existence since its founding in 1827.  The enduring nature of Sigma Phi over two centuries is testament our ability to meet the needs of college men.  As we approach our 200th anniversary, we are as strong as we have ever been.

Our founders envisioned a small community of men – only 20 per chapter – a size big enough for the organization to be legitimate and dynamic, yet small enough that every member has a stake in the organization and intimate enough to allow the development of relationships that last a lifetime.  That vision has stayed with Sigma Phi to the present day. Sigma Phi believes in developing students into leaders through participation in a collaborative, engaging, and inclusive setting where members voices can be heard and where their contributions have an impact both on the organization and on their personal development.

About us

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Our alumni

Sigma Phi Educational Foundation

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Bradley-Sigma Phi Historical Landmark Preservation Fund

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Alpha of Wisconsin of Sigma Phi

106 N. Prospect Ave., Madison, WI 52726

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