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Our members

We seek and attract students from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences, interests and abilities but who all share the values of scholarship, service, commitment, and integrity. We cultivate life-long friendships amongst members that cut through artificial barriers and foster a tight-knit community – a true brotherhood. During their time at Sigma Phi brothers discover new passions, birth new ideas, and see the world and their place in it in creative ways.

Becoming a member is about joining passionate and compassionate leaders who want to make an impact on their lives, the lives of others, their careers, UW-Madison, and society at large.  Our members boldly embark on their educational quest, both within and outside the classroom, confident that they have a “home” in Sigma Phi and reassured by the depth of profound friendships.

If this sounds interesting, please seriously consider how Sigma Phi can enhance your personal growth and development – and, of course, add to the fun you have while at UW- Madison.

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