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Our alumni

Alumni support, both financial and as volunteer leaders/mentors, has always been (and continues to be) critical to sustaining Sigma Phi locally and nationally.  Each chapter has its own alumni board of directors.  The Society is directed nationally by the Standing and Advisory Committee, made up of alumni delegates from each chapter.  Presidents of each local alumni corporation also serve as trustees of the Sigma Phi Educational Foundation that provides educational programing to the chapters. 

Sigma Phi has helped foster the development of the following world-renown leaders (sample listing):

  • Elihu Root – U.S. Secretary of War and Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt, Nobel Prize winner

  • Earl Warren – Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Governor of California

  • James Schoolcraft Sherman – Vice President under William Howard Taft.

  • Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman Berkshire Hathaway

  • Arthur Nielsen – Founder of Nielsen TV ratings

  • Larry Perkins – Founder of Perkins and Will Architecture firm

  • Jay Walker – Founder of Priceline

The active engagement of alumni serves as a great source of general mentoring as well as career advice and guidance for undergraduate brothers.

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