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In order to ensure efficient operation as an organization, Sigma Phi members pay for rent, food, and social dues each semester.  Given that many of the costs of operating the house are fixed (see pie chart below), in order to keep per member costs reasonable and ensure a meaningful Sig experience, all brothers are asked to live in the chapter house during their time as an undergraduate.









Monthly rent in our national landmark chapter house is comparable to a shared room in UW-Madison university housing and competitive with off-campus rents in Madison.  Lease terms are 9 months long vs. 12-month leases for other off-campus housing. This is a significant benefit, so members don’t have to worry about sub-leasing an apartment if they are not on campus during the summer.

Any Sigs who live out of the house are expected to pay house dues (for use of the house), social dues and for any meals they consume at the chapter house.


Fees for the 2023-24 academic year are shown below (2024-25 costs expected to increase 5-10%):


In addition to the on-going costs noted above, there is a one-time pledge fee of $100 and one-time initiation fee of $500 which covers the cost of a gold Sig Badge and various administrative costs.

23-24 fee table.png
2022-23 wisc budget.png
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