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Scholars in Residence Program

Sigma Phi wishes to increase its recognition and rewards for scholarly excellence, while continuing to promote the educational benefits of participating in Sigma Phi as part of the college experience.

Program Description
2013-2014 Application
Application is due on April 30th

Key Elements

Benefits of this program are available to members of each Sigma Phi chapter, who are enrolled full time, who maintain a minimum GPA, and who live in the house for the entire academic year.


Each academic year, the Sigma Phi Viele Trust will award a $500 scholarship to each initiated undergraduate Sigma Phi member who:

(1) Earns at least a 3.25 Grade Point Average[1]in both of the prior two semesters during which they were either a pledge or initiated member, and

(2) Lives in the chapter house[2]for the entire current school year.

The measurement period in terms of the GPA qualification is defined as the previous academic year's spring term and the current academic year's fall term.

The residence requirement period is the entire current academic year, i.e. previous fall semester and current spring semester.

Awards will be determined each academic year in February for payment shortly thereafter.

All award payments will be sent to the active chapter or alumni corporation treasurer, as appropriate, for application to the awardee’s Sigma Phi financial obligations (if any) and, when completely fulfilled, to the awardee to use as he sees fit.

[1]For chapters at a college that uses a 100 point grading scale, an appropriate academic performance level will be defined by the Viele Scholarship Trust consistent with the 3.25 level required at other schools.

[2]For Union this provision will be fulfilled by brothers living in the Sigma Phi section of Davidson, or the 10U facility. For Hamilton and UNC, this provision will be fulfilled by Sigs being actively involved in a leadership (officer) position of a recognized campus student organization (as verified by a letter from the organization's faculty advisor). On-campus employment by itself (e.g. as a research assistant or kitchen help in the student union) does not qualify.