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About the Sigma Phi


Every year, Sigma Phi chapters across the country seek a few outstanding young men who are willing to make a lifetime commitment to our society.

We are looking for the type of men who are serious about their endeavors - academicians, athletes, musicians among others. Some are socially adept, and some will become campus leaders. Many are combinations of all of these.

All strive to be the best and brightest.

More details are in our Rush Brochure


The most important reason for being in college is to learn and earn a degree in a specific course of study. Sigma Phi has always emphasized this notion and its very roots sprang from literary Societies at Union College in the 1820’s. Our commitment to academics is evidenced by the Society’s Francis S. Viele Scholarship, the largest scholarship of its kind for any Fraternity or Sorority across the nation. Last year the Viele gave out $179,000.00 worth of grants to students from our nine chapters. Our applicants stand, on average, a 50% chance of receiving a Viele Scholarship. Also, our chapters often interact with the host institution by sponsoring speakers, holding discussion groups with their professors as well as other academic activities.


Nobody explained this aspect of our Society better than Elihu Root, Secretary of State to Teddy Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize winner and member Sigma Phi Society when he said, “No human institution lives long unless it meets a human need. It is this quality which has carried our Society into its second century, full of life and vigor which justifies an old man to write…

"If a young fellow entering college is to become an effective, valued force in his community, if he is to gain the durable satisfaction of life, he must develop a side of his nature to which the college curriculum does not and cannot pay very much attention. He must achieve capacity for sympathetic understanding of his fellow men and for genuine interest in them. He must acquire a habit of kindly consideration and regard for the rights and feelings of others. These are the qualities of character, and upon the development of character along these lines, civilization must depend for international peace and for the domestic liberty and order more than it depends on statistics and argument (taught by the college)."


Sigma Phi is committed to leadership development. Many of the positions held within our chapters offer invaluable experiences which both round out our members but also teach life skills which better prepare them for life after college. We also emphasize and encourage participation in student government, sports, and in other campus clubs and groups. Many of our members have gone on to become leaders of business, the military, their communities, and many other aspects of life.