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What's a Sigma Phi catalogue?

The catalogue was published to give all chapters and brothers a reference to the history and membership of the Society. The last catalogue was published in 1977, the year of this brothers graduation. Prior to the 1977 Catalogue, the Catalogue was published in 1949. We are presently looking for a copy of the 1949 catalogue, so if anyone has one, please contact me, so we can preserve a copy. The other copy of the Catalogue that I have in my possession is the one printed in 1891, 100 years after the founding of the State of Vermont and 64 years after the founding of Sigma Phi. I also have copies of the Signet, the songbook of the Sigma Phi. One published in 1887, which I have scanned at 4800 dpi, one still on paper from 1896, and the paper copy of the Signet from 1910, I hope to secure other copies of the Catalogue and Signet so that they can be preserved. When these documents became scarce, I gave my copies that I received in 1973 to the Alpha of Vermont so that they could be used by the chapter to help pledges prepare for celebrations and ceremonies in their future.

The S&A committee at the 2021 Convention at the Epsilon of New York were informed that there was a need for catalogues to be available digitally, until the next planned publication is completed in 2027. Hence we are making a copy of the 1977 Catalogue to brothers on our website. It has been edited to include the historical sketches and graphics from the 1977 catalogue.


1977 Sigma Phi Catalogue Historical Sketches with Pictures
Download PDF • 15.34MB

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Kurt - I have a copy of a 1949 catalogue - feel free to reach out to me - I have a bunch of other stuff also - to much to mention here;

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