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To: Gentlemen of Sigma Phi

There was a time when the Sigma Phi Flame carried a regular feature called 'News of Interest (NOI).'

NOI presented a series of brief vignettes from alumni who experienced changes and/or milestones: new jobs; new passions; additional degrees or certifications; changing circumstances; epic experiences; Sig reunions large and small; etc.

Some alumni have contacted me to recommend that restoring NOI would make for very good reading. Updates are both interesting and relatable, I'm advised, and hearing about old friends is always welcome.

This email is a response to that suggestion. If you've experienced a milestone or a nifty life's passage recently, feel free to share it with Sigma Phi. Include your chapter and initiation year and all the details which drive your update.

If I receive enough prompt feedback along those lines, we'll publish a News of Interest feature for the looming edition of the Sigma Phi Flame.

The submission deadline for other contributions/feature articles is Sunday, 4/10, FYI...

Best Sig Love,

Mike Imirie, M'69


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