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Sigma Phi Educational Foundation Announced new Award

President Jack Romaine L'90 announced today that there is a new award - SPEF Academic Excellence Award.

We are very excited to announce a new program from the Sigma Phi Educational Foundation (SPEF) beginning with the Fall 2023 semester. We will be rewarding academic achievement by individual undergraduates with up to $100 per year accompanied by recognition in the Flame. Quite simply; this latest initiative is called “Academic Excellence Program.”

Undergrads simply email proof (i.e., a screen shot or image of a report card) that they are on the Dean’s List. They accompany that proof with a completed eligibility/payment instruction form within 60 days of the close of the semester/trimester. Sig students will receive $50 per semester/$33 per trimester each time they reach this level of achievement. Names will be published in The Flame. More information and access to the form can be found in the Awards and Scholarships section of

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