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Resolve to make a resolution. Not having to do with New Years...

Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, derived from the Latin resolvere, "to loosen, undo, settle." We can still see this meaning of resolution in the sense of "an explanation" or "a solution" — when a problem, conflict, or mystery reaches its resolution, it has been "undone," so to speak.

If you have been paying attention, Sigma Phi Society has been working to resolve a conflict for the past few years. In our Society, there is a process for Conflict resolution that is part of every brother's commitment to being part of our Society. Sometimes it is followed and sometimes it is not. The most recent conflict was about changing the way our society has been operating for almost 200 years. The process for resolution was followed as closely as possible until the conflict was made public and an outside process was engaged in an effort to come to a resolution. The public conflict resolution process was expensive and can be understood by reading the most recent "Flame."

The most important thing about this story is that the efforts that have been expended over the past four years were engrained in the Spirit of Sigma Phi. These efforts have never ended in the revocation of an active chapter charter. We can only hope that this situation does not happen again. If it does, we will always treat them with the pillars of our Society - FRIENDSHIP, LOVE AND TRUTH!

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