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Sig Story Series - Quentin Blum F'15
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One of the biggest ways Sigma Phi has impacted me is by improving my leadership skills. Due to the small number of actives in the chapter when I first arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I was able to immediately run for a leadership position in the house my sophomore year. I had never been given the opportunity to take on a leadership role in an organization before and was excited to prove to myself that I was capable of succeeding in one. I was elected rush chair that semester, and now have five semesters of experience in various leadership positions in the house.

Throughout that time my leadership skills, specifically my time management has improved considerably. During high school, I had been able to put off doing my coursework and, therefore, constantly had large amounts of free-time. I quickly realized that I would not be able to do the same in college and struggled to find an effective way to manage my time. By holding different positions in the house, especially during the spring semester of my sophomore year when I was elected both rush and social chair, I figured out how to make myself get ahead in my coursework and adapt to any schedule that was asked of me. Those skills directly contributed to me receiving my personal best G.P.A. during the aforementioned semester, and continue to be invaluable now as I balance a new job with school and Sigma Phi.

Additionally, being a member of Sigma Phi has improved my decision making process. I have learned that sometimes what is best for me as an active may not be best for the society as a whole, how to put aside my personal feelings and emotions when making a decision on behalf of the society, and how to consider both sides of an argument in order to reach a compromise that both sides can agree to. While good time management and effective decision making are both very practical skills, it took me until my fourth year to realize that by learning how to sacrifice my free time and make objective decisions regardless of my interests in an effort to better the society are things that I will carry with me as I approach the end of my time in Sigma Phi and will be applying throughout my career as I look to move into education administration. The most profound impact being a member of Sigma Phi has had on me, I now know, is that it taught me how to be part of something bigger than myself.


Quentin Blum F'15

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