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Online Donations
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Help keep the traditions of Sigma Phi alive! By making a donation to a campaign listed below, you'll help ensure that the great things happening throughout the Society will continue. Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions, and you can decide when and how you want to donate.
Click here for a brief description of Sigma Phi Finances.

Please also take a moment to make sure your annual dues are up to date.

Sigma Phi Permanent Endowment » Donate Online

The Permanent Endowment Fund is the general fund for the Society. Together with annual dues receipts, income from the Permanent Endowment helps cover the general operating expenses of the Society (publications, insurance, S&A meetings and Conventions, starting new chapters, etc.) Donations to the Permanent Endowment Fund are NOT tax deductible.

Sigma Phi Permanent Endowment Additional Details »

Sigma Phi Educational Foundation » Donate Online

The Sigma Phi Educational Foundation provides funds to support the the educational programs of the Society (e.g. speaker programs, chapter academic achievement awards, newsletter awards, renovating chapter libraries, etc.) Donations to the Sigma Phi Educational Foundation are tax-deductible since the Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS.

Sigma Phi Educational Foundation Additional Details »

Thorsen House Restoration Fund » Donate Online

The Thorsen House Restoration Fund is dedicated to preserving the Sigma Phi chapter house at the University of California - Berkeley. The house, designed by architects Greene and Greene, is a national historic landmark. A special ruling from the IRS allows donations for restoration of the house to be tax deductible through the Sigma Phi Educational Foundation.

Delta of New York Alumni Association » Donate Online

Donations to the Alumni Association of New York provide support for the Association's basic funding needs and to help support the undergraduate chapter.

Sigma Phi of Vermont Educational Foundation, Inc. » Donate Online

Click on the link below for more information about the fund and donation options.

Sigma Phi of Vermont Educational Foundation, Inc. Additional Details »

Alpha of Virginia Alumni Corporation » Donate Online

Donations to the Alpha of Virginia Alumni Corporation provide support for the Corporation's basic funding needs, and to help support the undergraduate chapter.